Welcome to backpackswap!

We're here to enhance your Steam trading experience. We're a community-based site where backpacks can be viewed, the Steam stores can be browsed, and trades can be proposed, tweaked, and finalized.

After signing in to our servers, you can create a wishlist of items that you want from the TF2 and DoTA2 stores, and list items in your TF2 and DoTA2 backpacks that you're willing to trade away. Our matching algorithm will put you in touch with the people you're most likely to make a trade with, based on the offerings and wishlists of both partners.

You can trade actively or passively: seek out specific items and propose swaps by browsing through your partners' backpacks, or just list the items you're willing to trade and check back every now and then to see if you've gotten any offers.

The site is still under development so check back often to see the changes. We're looking for feedback and would love for you to email us with what you think. Use the sign in button and the navbar at the top right to get started. Check out our tutorial to find out how it works.


2013-09-01: We've surpassed 100 registered users!.

2013-08-13: The DoTA2 item price issue has been resolved.

2013-08-13: An evil bug has been squelched that was causing offers to contain invalid items. Thanks to our users for pointing this out!

2013-08-09: The Steam API has stopped returning DoTA2 item prices for some unknown reason, so those are all temporarily set to $0.


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